Bed Bug Control

Guaranteed Bed Bug Control

Responsible Pest Control Services specializes in affordable Bedbug Extermination that’s also guaranteed with experience and tools to completely eradicate Bedbugs from your home.

Responsive Pest Control Bedbug Services are GUARANTEED. Rest assured we’ll help you take your home and comfort back! Responsible Pest Control Services Bedbug Control Process starts as you Prepare for Bedbug Treatment. Our Initial Clean-out, and Two FOLLOW – UP Treatments are included in the same prices. We recommend a Bedbug blocking mattress Cover to protect after your initial clean out. You’ll then have the option to maintain ongoing protection with monthly or bi-monthly treatment service.

Bedbugs in the United States

Most people won’t tell anyone they’ve had them, but Bedbugs are a very common problem THROUGHOUT the entire United States! When it comes to Bedbugs there are many misconceptions… As shameful as if feels, it’s important to get the facts about Bedbugs; A Bedbug infestation has nothing to do with CLEANLINESS! You can pick up Bedbugs ANYWHERE, even in the finest hotels! Bedbugs are professional HITCHHIKERS so they can spread like wild fire

After Bedbugs are brought into a home, they spread and multiply FAST.  Bedbugs and  Bedbug Eggs nest in seams, under and inside of upholstered furniture and mattresses during the day. They come out to EAT (on people) at night… Unless, of course, you happen to sleep during the day… Because Bedbugs will adjust their EATING schedule to Your SLEEPING schedule!

Although Bedbugs haven’t been found to spread disease they do have a negative impact on your health (physical & MENTAL!) Evidence shows Bedbug infestations can lead to ANEMIA, and Bedbug BITES can result in secondary INFECTIONS due to SCRATCHING! Bedbug infestations may also have psychological impacts causing emotional STRESS!! If you think you have an issue with Bedbugs, CALL immediately for a professional to treat your home or business!