Rat Infestation Signs

Signs Your House Is Infested with Rats

Having rats at one’s home can pose many great dangers. One of these imminent dangers includes acquiring rat-related diseases, leptospirosis in particular.

Other than that, rats are also known for their destructive feeding habits that can disrupt your home’s kitchen space. On the other hand, their nesting behaviors would likely compromise your home’s structure. If you have an inkling that rats are infesting your home, then immediately get in touch with a pest control company.

Here are the following signs of rat infestation:

Rub Marks

Rats have a dirty body surface. They don’t clean themselves, unlike most animals. So when they infiltrate your house, they usually leave grease marks on the surface. According to a professional pest exterminator, these marks are found in kitchen areas as this is their favorite place to roam around. If you have spotted marks in your kitchen area, let a pest control company take care of these pesky rats.


One of the noticeable signs your house has been infested with rats is when you hear screeching or scratching noises, particularly in your attic or inside your interior walls. You commonly hear the scratching sounds from black-colored rats as they are known for the habit of climbing roofs and walls.


Their nest is commonly found on hard-to-reach areas of your house such as space inside your walls or in a nook and cranny of your attic. Once you’ve spotted their nest, you can find the shredded materials they continuously gnawed. Such materials include food wrappers, wire insulation, cloth pieces, etc.

Rats are among the most destructive pests around as they are cunning creatures that are hard to capture or eliminate. So if you have encountered these signs, it is strongly recommended to book a rat removal service from Responsible Pest Control Services. They can successfully eliminate the presence of these pests from your house.

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