Rodent Control

Responsible Pest Control will search out and SEAL entry points, and keep Rats out of Your Home!

Mice and Rats invade THOUSANDS of homes & businesses throughout the United States every winter. Roof Rats spread disease causing germs like hantavirus, and OFTEN chew through wood, and electric wires posing risk of home FIRES… In FACT, Rodents cause up to 25% of house fires in the U.S. each year!

Guaranteed Rat Control

  1. The first step in effective rodent control is Exclusion. The most efficient way to prevent rodents from infesting a structure is to seal even the smallest entry points. Rats can get through holes as small as the size of a nickle. Roof rats can enter homes through openings in walls, eaves and roofs. Remember to trim branches to further prevent entry.
  2. After sealing your home or building, we remove rodents already inside by TRAPPING.  (We trap rather than bait rodents inside so you know where they are & can easily remove them ~  If a rodent dies from poison inside it can be very hard to find.)
  3. Follow up is EXTERIOR rodent baiting and TRAPPING to control outside rodent population, & pressure.

Roof Rats Infestations

  • Rats and mice leave fecal matter and urine everywhere they go, and use there nose to follow pheromone trails left by other rats. They often enter homes, attics, & structures for shelter during COOLER winter months.
  • Rats are excellent climbers, & can climb strait up stucco walls, block fences, and walk on wires or branches to enter homes.  Rodents can enter through open doors, holes by loose fitting pipes, roofing gaps, & un-screened vents. They can fit through very small holes in your construction that you probably don’t even know are there!

Prevent Roof Rat Problems

  • Have your home professionally sealed. (Rats only need a half inch to enter, we use Copper Mesh, Caulk, and other materials to seal.)
  • Get Rat Traps placed outside, or professional grade bait boxes.
  • Trim back all bushes & trees that CONTACT your home!
  • Clear out the citrus FRUIT!
  • If you have a dog or a cat do not leave PET FOOD outside in a dish over night ~ Rats LOVE to eat pet food.
  • Remove debris from around the home.  Rodents love piles of wood, old vehicle parts, cinder block piles, etc.
  • Clean up after you BBQ… Rodents love BBQ’s so keep it CLEAN!

Roof Rat Control

  • Roof Rats leave lots of droppings where they spend their time. You can effectively place Rat Traps, or baits in these areas.
  • Because Rats slow down for corners, Rat Traps are more effective when they are placed in corners.
  • Roof Rats like to eat fruits, and cereals so high-carb baits works best. Place bait in the center of your Glue Board or snap-trap.
  • Because Rats are very cautious animals, try not to disturb their environment when placing Rat Traps and baits!!!
  • Because Roof Rats eat in several places, make several bait or Rat Traps placements.
  • Because Roof Rats eat in groups of up to 10 rats, use a sufficient amount of bait.
  • Roof Rats often travel distances up to three hundred feet for food & water, creating established RUNWAYS.  Place Rat Traps and baits along RUNWAYS and walls. Glue Board traps can be wired to pipes, or rafters in their high traffic areas.

Signs of Rat Infestations

  • Look for feces.  Feces are usually found in areas around BBQ’S, air conditioning units, pool equipment, and any other area that is somewhat secluded.
  • Listen for sounds at night or early morning.  If the rodents have infested your attic you will usually hear scratching or gnawing noises.  Since rodents are nocturnal the best time to hear these are early morning or at night.
  • Your neighbors have rodents.  Usually if your neighbors have had to deal with rodents you have them also.  A rat will usually travel up to a 100 yard radius from their nest to gather food and water.
  • You have seen one.  If you have seen a rodent on your property, chances are you have an issue that needs to be dealt with.
  • The fruit on your tree is disappearing.  If a rodent is eating from your tree you will see hollowed out fruit often times still hanging from the tree.

Rats & Mice carry infectious diseases, and can cause damage to: electrical wiring (posing fire danger), water lines, and construction of homes. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, “Worldwide, Rats & Mice spread over 35 diseases.” Diseases spread to humans directly, and indirectly through:

  1. Handling rodents,
  2. Contact with feces,
  3. Urine,
  4. Saliva,
  5. Rodent bites.
  6. Ticks
  7. Mites
  8. Fleas that have fed on infected rodents.

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