Termite Control

PROTECT Your home from Termites in the United States with FREE Termite Inspections, and CUSTOMIZED or PREVENTIVE Treatments for GUARANTEED Termite Control.

Free Termite Inspections

Residents throughout the US sometimes discover “mud tubes” going up a foundation, on a wall or ceiling, or swarming around their home. Termites in North America travel 100′s of feet to locate a food source… So if the neighbors have Termites, Watch out! 

Responsible Pest Control offers FREE Termite Inspections (fee only applies for escrow transactions.) Responsible’s Termite Inspector will locate and IDENTIFY any Termites around your home, and email you a written report  of:

  • Species of Termites found
  • Infestation Locations
  • Contributing Conditions To Termite Infestations
  • CUSTOMIZED Treatment Options

Termites are usually Subterranean, living in large underground colonies, and traveling up through MUD TUBES to feed on wood (cellulose containing products) homes are built with! 

Customized Termite Treatments

Each home and Termite infestation is unique, so we offer CUSTOMIZED Termite Treatment options to meet your needs, including:

  • Preventive Termite Control Treatments
  • Localized (or spot) Treatments
  • Full House CUSTOM Control
  • Each Termite Treatment comes with a Renewable Termite WARRANTY

Controlling Subterranean Termites requires treatment of the the ground around & under the foundation. A Full Subterranean Termite Control service includes trenching, sometimes drilling, and may include interior wall treatments. Responsible’s Termite pro’s drill EXPANSION JOINTS, when possible, to save homeowners from the look of drilled concrete.

Prices for Termite Treatments are calculated on each homes linear footage, and concrete drilling requirements.

GUARANTEED Termite Control

Because Responsible Pest Control GUARANTEES each Termite Control Treatment, we apply only the BEST products… Termidor.

Termidor works like a Termite DISEASE; As termites eat or touch Termidor, they become infected and pass it to ALL the other termites they contact eliminating the ENTIRE Colony!

All Responsible Pest Control’s expert Termite pro’s are devoted to providing GUARANTEED Termite Control services. Each Termite Treatment comes with a RENEWABLE WARRANTY! Enjoy peace the of mind that comes with GUARANTEED Termite Control year after year!