Termite Extermination Services

Do You Have Termites in Your Property?

Here Are the Signs You Need to Look Out for Before Hiring a Termite Extermination Team

Termites are known to feed on cellulose, which is present in the wood. They will scavenge for this and gnaw on it to nourish themselves. There are dangers in letting the termites do this. It can cause your home to become vulnerable or fragile. Avoid serious problems and call a termite extermination service.

If you cannot tell whether your home is infested, here are some signs you should look out for. When you notice these signs, don’t hesitate to get a pest exterminating service:

Termite Droppings

Look out for small oval-shaped capsules lying around wooden walls or furniture. These droppings are a sure sign that your house has termites. Call an exterminator to inspect the droppings.

When the expert identifies it as from a termite, get them to exterminate it.

Termite Tubes

Did you notice the vein-like mud on your walls? These are termite tubes created by the insects to protect themselves. The tubes act as a way to regulate temperature and prevent predators from harming them. If you find these on your walls, get a terminator.

Damaged Wood

An easily seen sign is damage on the wood. Holes, bubbling, and punctures are some of the things you need to look out for. Exposed wood will only make the situation worse. Hire a pest exterminating service to remove the pest and get a contractor to fix your wood.

Gnawing Sound

Are you bothered by the gnawing sound in your walls? It may be because of termites eating your foundation. Termites biting can be heard when you have a silent home. Listen carefully for sounds like scratching wood to determine the presence of termites.

These are some of the signs you have to be vigilant about. However, to confirm whether termites are in your house, get an expert to assess the area. Responsible Pest Control Services is a termite control specialist. Call us at 833-593-4123 if you suspect your home is infested. We will take care of clearing them out.

Expert Termite Pest Exterminating Service

Termites are the most destructive pests that you will deal with as a homeowner.

If your home is filled with wooden surfaces and furniture, you can bet that these insects will come to your home and chew at every wooden part until there is nothing left. That is why for termite control service, what you need is a dedicated pest exterminating service provider that will search your home for all possible nests and make sure that all termites are destroyed, and that is exactly what Responsible Pest Control will do.

Here is how we will get rid of termites in your home:


We will make sure that all of the termites are destroyed, so we need to inspect your home and locate all of the nests. There might be multiple nests present, so we will ensure that we find all of them so that we can make sure that all of the termites are removed from your property. As a trusted pest exterminating service provider, we use only high-quality termite detection equipment and techniques.


Once all nests are located, we can start with our termite extermination service. Our experts will get rid of all the nests one by one. We use safe and non-toxic means of disposing of the termites, and once we are done with one nest, we will then move on to the next one.

Our termite removal team will ensure that all of the termites are removed by checking all of the nests that we treated after we are done with everything to ensure that there are no remaining termites left, and we will do additional termite treatment if needed.